Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I'm Dreaming of a White Kitchen

This is my kitchen. It's boring, functional but boring. I have lots of counter space, the functioning so called triangle of ease, but it lacks style. Oh yeah and it does have a bit of clutter. I should have taken the picture after I cleaned but I thought it was more authentic this way. I really want an all white kitchen but I wonder if it is a good idea with three boys ages 9, 9 and 11. A white kitchen needs to always be clean, fresh and sparklingly or maybe they just look clean and fresh because they are white?

I love the floor in this kitchen, the dark brown against the white looks perfect and those light fixtures are incredible. I realize I like white, wood and stainless steel together.
This just might be my dream kitchen!

This kitchen is beautiful but probably to perfect for me. It looks like no one lives here.

This kitchen is perfect it looks very functional, family friendly and just all around interesting.

Maybe someday!!

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