Monday, April 2, 2012

My Weekend

I had to work all weekend, do you ever have one of those nights when you are supposed to get all dressed up and go out? Well, we were supposed to do that but I just felt like some comfort food and relaxing with dear friends at home. Truthfully, I could have skipped dinner as long as I had wine. So we through together some stuffed shells and a salad and drank lots of wine. It was nice.

I had no time to bake anything, so I turned to my pantry and I saw a boxed chocolate cake mix and chocolate chips.  I made the batter according to the box, added chocolate chips and heated up the waffle maker.  These cake waffles tasted great, moist and warm, perfect for ice cream and hot fudge.  Definitely a great last minute dessert.  Next time I better make sure the boys are around when I make these, unless I don't want to share. They look a little messy because I opened the waffle maker before they were done. 

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