Friday, February 1, 2013

DIY Fabric Roller Shades

AWDH Kitchen Window 2
I came across this DIY fabric covered roller shades on A Well Dressed Home.  I was totally surprised how easy they look to make, how reasonable they are and how simply beautiful they look.   Of course, I'll take the whole kitchen please. 

These DIY Shades on Cottage and Vine look awesome too with easy step by step directions. 

I have been thinking about this Striped Cordless Roman shade from Pottery Barn.  It is so clean and classic looking but at $249.00 for one, I think I can get the same look by making my own fabric roller shade.  I think I will try to make my own and see what happens.  I'm not very good at DIY stuff but I have 5 windows in the kitchen alone so it would be well worth it for me to finally purchase the ever popular glue gun. 

Now I just need to find the perfect fabric...

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