Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Getting it Together Financially

I have been thinking a lot about money lately, more than I ever really have before. I've had my share of financial highs and lows but I never really tried to understand money. I have had times where I spent way too much money on designer things (however they were beautiful) and times where I have struggled to come up with enough money for groceries. I think in so many ways money has defined my life, from do I have the right home, car or designer handbag to spending every ounce of energy I have fighting and working to keep the electric and gas on, but I never learned to control money instead of letting it control me. I want to break this cycle.  I was watching this video and it explained four common beliefs we need to break in order to get control over our finances.

1.     Someone else will or should do this for me.  This is/was so true for me, I never thought someone should do it for me but I always thought someone would.  I never really thought about where money was coming from because I always had it when I needed it.    

2.     I'm not good with money.  This I know I must believe to be true for myself because I pretty much hear at least once a day how terrible I am with money.

3.     People with money are greedy or not spiritual.   I never believed this; I’ve known too many great people with money. 

4.     I'm not ___________ enough.  No one will value you more than you value yourself.  For me I’m not sure how I would fill in this blank, maybe I’m not worthy enough, maybe I’m not disciplined enough, whatever it is I know I need to value myself enough to stop letting money control my life.    

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