Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Becoming Minimalist

This blog, Becoming Minimalist, is really a great reminder of how we go through life just doing what we have always done without really thinking about what we are doing.  I was reading this post about consumerism and I know I fall into this trap.  I like stuff, designer stuff, stuff on sale, clothes, shoes, books, you name I like it/want it.  This isn't how I want to be.  I have spent the last few years really thinking about my purchases.  I try to ask myself, is this something that is made well and will not go out of style?  Is it something that will add to my quality of life?   However, after reading this post again I realized there are so many other ways I can tame my consumerism.   I am beginning to understand my weaknesses and to experiment with tighter budgets on food, clothing and extras.  
I also, found this post on Television so interesting.  I do watch TV a lot.  I enjoy it and I guess it sort of gives me something to do at night.  However, now that I am thinking about not only the financial cost but the physical cost as well.  My new goal for me this year is to cut back on my screen time.  I may even get brave enough to cancel my cable. 

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