Friday, May 21, 2010

My Atempt to Spend Only Twenty Dollars This Weekend

So this weekend my goal is to spend only twenty dollars. This will be quite difficult for not only me but also for my children. I am realizing lately that all the little stuff adds up, a drink, popcorn or some other snacks everywhere we go. I can't get out of Target without buying my Ryan some popcorn. Its the only reason he goes to Target with me so willingly.
Here is my plan, not counting the groceries I already have or the ones I need to buy on Sunday for the week:
Friday - Cooking dinner from stuff I already have and not leaving the house because if I leave the house I will spend money. Netflix movie, we just got Angels and Demons, does Netflix count? Its a monthly fee so I will say no.
(I will not count my lunch today because it is technically not the weekend and half my budget would be gone, oops.)
Saturday- I have to work 8-12 so I will eat my leftover sandwich from Friday for lunch and the kids will have pancakes and sausage for breakfast and lunch at the ball field because I have to be there at 12:45 pm. The ball field is cheap so hopefully I can feed all three for about 9 dollars.
Saturday night we are going for a cookout at my dear friends house. I need to find something cheap to bring, maybe a bottle of wine, usually you can get a good bottle $10.00 or some beer. I will have to bake a homemade dessert even though it would be easier to pick something up at the bakery!
Sunday- Will not be fun because all my $20 will be gone which means I will have to make all of our meals at home. Plus I wanted to see the new Shrek movie but that would be well above my budget for the weekend. Movies for a family of four is ridiculously priced.
This is going to a tough weekend!

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