Thursday, June 30, 2011


I worry so much about my children. It consumes me and sometimes I just can't take it anymore. The situation is compounded because they are children of divorce who get carted away from me every other weekend.

I worry if they play to many video games (especially violent ones), if they watch to much TV, if they are on the computer to much, if they are eating right, reading enough, if they exercise enough, if they are too nasty to one another or others, I worry about everything.

Recently, I have been concerned about their spiritual health. At their ages, 13, 10 and 10, how aware should they be? We have never raised them in any faith because, honestly, we weren't sure of ours. However, lately I have found some spiritual relief in my life through meditation, gratitude and attempting to live being present. I want to teach my children to be more aware of the world, the people around them, to be grateful for the lives they were given and to practice loving kindness. How do I do that? I struggle with this. Can I teach them to put away all the distractions of today and just sit quietly?

This weekend I am going to try two things:

  • Giving them gratitude journals and taking a silent walk

Wish me luck or send good thoughts my way or children can't be quiet for more then 10 seconds.

This came from Buddhist Metta

"In true meditation, first you fill yourself with love mentally, 'May I be well and happy'. After a while you extend it to all others, saying mentally, 'May all beings of the Universe be well and happy'. Mean it and feel it. Also try to see that the world is filled with your love, with a great desire that they may be happy, a desire such as a mother has for her only child."

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