Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sunday Supper

I really enjoy spending my Sunday's cooking, especially with the boys. I try to make enough food so we have some extras we can use during the week. The weekdays can be so crazy, especially with football season now in full throttle. I have been wanting to make this sauce I found here Smitten Kitchen for some time now. This recipe is so easy and and so worth it. The sauce tasted so fresh and flavorful, I think it would make a great tomato soup too. The sauce was a little too chunky for me though so I put it through the food processor to get it smooth the way I like it. Also, I doubled the recipe so we could have it all week with pasta and as a pizza sauce.

Then I made Jamie Oliver's pizza dough recipe, it was so easy and it came out nice and thin, not to doughy. It was so good, I am going to use this recipe from now on when I make dough. Plus it made 5 pizza's. I think its always good to have dough on hand in case you need a last minute easy meal during the week or guest stop by.

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