Friday, April 12, 2013

A Few of My Favorite Things...

Willy van der Meeren Style Industrial Childrens School Chairs

I can't stop thinking about this desk and chair set.  I keep picturing my boys playing Mindcraft studying here, its so cute and so reasonable.

This Chicken Francese by Skinnytaste looks amazing.  I'm thinking this may our dinner Sunday night, they will never know its low fat/ low calorie. 

Low fat chicken breast in a light white wine lemon sauce.

I am having some serious craft room envy and I'm not even that crafty.  I love how organized this room looks, everything seems to have a place.  Plus there is plenty of space to get some serious crafting done.  

The Pleated Poppy via House of Turquoise

This weekend I plan on rounding up ideas for my deck.  I love the look of this deck, all the potted plants are so pretty.  I like the idea of a lamp but not sure how that would really hold up in the elements.  Here, in Western New York, it would just blow away.  I really hope we have a lovely spring this year so I can actually spend some time on the deck. 

eclectic art

I love this bedroom designed by Emily Henderson.  I love the pops of color and art gallery wall.  How cute is that old phone?   Someday I will be brave enough to tackle my own gallery wall.

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