Friday, April 4, 2014

Life's Little Craziness

Life has been very crazy lately.  I guess I suffer from what most people suffer from, too much to do and to little time to do it.  My son broke his wrist right after he made the lacrosse team (the team bet him he wouldn't get a pink cast, he did) so he is out for the whole season.  I knew after that diagnosis Five Guys was definitely needed for both of us to deal with the blow.  I will have one sad kid watching from the bench. 

Lately I have been wondering if I really don't have enough time in the day or if I am just so disorganized that I make things so much harder for myself than they need to be.  I get so easily distracted.  I think of all these not so fun things I need to get done but then I got lost on Pinterest or Instagram instead.  However, I know if I was more organized I could really cut down the amount of time I waste on daily living/chores.  I was reading this article and I decided to pick just a few helpful tips to slowly incorporate into my life.
  •   Plan meals for the week on Sundays.
  •   Organize my scarves, I can never find the one I need when I'm walking out the door.
  •   Pick out my outfit the night before.
  •   Enter appointments into my phone calendar.
  •   Put mail in it's proper place or discard everyday, I need to prevent the mail build up.

The weather is getting a little, emphasis on a little, better here.  Since I'm no longer blinded by my hat and scarf trying to block the freezing snow and ice on my walk into work, I can see some of the loveliness like this blue house and randomly tiled light post.

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