Monday, May 12, 2014

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day, a day late, I took my son to get his learner's permit Friday and all I could think about is where has the time gone?  I love being a Mother, I always have, it's the one and only thing I knew I wanted to be.  However, being a Mother of teenagers is hard, it's harder than you imagine and in ways you never really thought about.  

My children need me much differently now.  I actually have less free time now than I did when they were younger.  I'm a chauffeur, a short order cook, a person who fills out a lot of paperwork and writes the checks, literally, I have never written so many checks.  They are so busy we rarely have time to sit down and eat as a family but I keep trying because I think it's important.  My boys prefer time with their friends or computers over time with me, which is quite normal, but I miss hanging out with them.  I miss snuggling and watching movies, I miss them being excited to go run errands with me and I just miss the quiet time we had together. 

I do enjoy watching them become these incredible young men but it's kind of sad because I can see them preparing to grow up and become independent.  Also, the older they get the bigger their problems become and less I can do to protect them.

So this Mother's Day I just cherished the time we had together.  If they wanted to take me to see the Spider-Man Movie, I couldn't think of a better way to spend the afternoon.  I just kept reminding myself, as my two younger boys annoyingly wrestled in the hall, that someday they will grow up and move on and I will miss these days.

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