Thursday, January 10, 2013

A View My Window

I remember reading something once, which I believe was from Mr. Nate Berkus, that you should decorate your room with colors that compliment the view.  The idea of using the colors from your view as the color palette for your room. I want to embrace this idea, however, the colors obviously change from season to season but I think I am most fond of the cool winter colors.  I love the white with blue, grey and brown hues and just a pop of green. 

My family room needs help.  It is outdated, doesn't have a window treatment, the walls are still the builder beige color, the carpet is old and cheap.  We have been in this home 12 years now and it is definitely time for a change.  I never painted this room because I could never decide on a color, I am afraid to commit, but I am ready now.  I'm ready to take the plunge and make some decisions.  I have an extremely tight budget and I'm not sure were to begin but I think if I take things slow and get lots of inspiration/ help I will be OK and the room will look great.

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