Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Work in Progress

I started painting my kitchen white, not just any white, Benjamin Moore Super White.  Remember my inspiration? It is such a dramatic change. The room looks bigger, fresher. However, I am a bit nervous. I'm not sure what I was thinking having a 14 year old and two 12 year olds. I have become the wall police. I never realized how much they touch the walls. The walls are so white and bright they make my awful linoleum floor look really dull and dirty. I just want to have the room finished so I can an idea what it will really look like.  Also, I can't decide if I should do my family room the same color?  I think I will to get a unified look.  In addition, the wood trim looks a lot better against the white but I kind of want to paint it white too.  Man, once you start a project it can make the home improvement process never ending. . .


  1. I'm a big fan of white walls too...Cloud White in my case, but love white walls. I have a 12 yer old and yes, boys do touch walls, but I try to embrace it and those little Mr. Clean magic erasers work wonders!

    1. Thanks Annie, I will make sure I have plenty of magic erasers on hand.