Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Table Lamps in the Kitchen?

Do you have that one friend whose house always looks perfectly pulled together?  Well, I was at my dear friend Roger's house this weekend and I all of sudden I noticed he has 3 lamps in his kitchen.  His kitchen isn't very big but it is cozy and perfectly accessorized, just like the rest of his home.  I on the other hand, have such a hard time accessorizing, I either do too much or too little.  I really do believe that accessorizing is the hardest part of decorating a space.  Accessories are what personalize your space, they reflect your personality which is probably why it is so difficult to get it right. 

My new lamp
I think table lamps in the kitchen make it so warm, plus the indirect lighting is much nicer then the harsh overhead lights.  I prefer the table lamps on the counters instead of the kitchen island.  Lamps on the island look beautiful and make the island look more like furniture but in our house lamps on the island would never last.  They would be toast. 




kitchen with open shelves

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