Friday, May 10, 2013


I often dream of downsizing.  I'm just tired of taking care of a large house.  My current house is about 2600 square feet with a walk out basement, which isn't too large but lately it has been feeling way to big.  I just feel like all my free time is spent on yard work (about 1 acre) and house work.  Plus all my money goes into maintaining the house which leaves very little funds left over for extras/fun.  The problem is my children love this house and it is the only home they have ever known, so downsizing may be a really hard adjustment for them.   Although, children are very resilient.  Who knows, maybe someday.

Both of these houses are around 1750 square feet.  I really love the ranch and its open living space but a two story is cheaper to build and offers a 4th bedroom. 

Main Floor

Upper Floor

Main Floor

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