Thursday, November 20, 2014

Dinner Party For 6 Under $100.00

I really enjoy entertaining, it's like it feeds my soul.  I think the planning and preparation, except the cleaning, are as much fun as the actual dinner party.  I'm not the type of girl who really enjoys hanging out at bars.  I prefer good wine, good food and good conversation over standing around a loud, crowded bar.  However, entertaining at home or eating out can both get expensive and I have discovered most people don't really enjoy hosting.  I decided to try something new seeing if I can entertain with quality food and wine on a budget.

To make the salad just cut up the lettuce, toss with the dressing.  Then add croutons, toss again and I usually shave the cheese on top of the salad to make it look pretty. 
Caesar salad  - Trader Joe's   Romaine Lettuce  $3.99
                                               Crouton  $3.99
                                               Parmigianino Cheese  $5.99
                         Wegman's     Caesar dressing   $2.49
                                                           Total       $16.46

My favorite sauce is this tomato sauce with onion and butter by Smitten Kitchen.  It's easy and has so much flavor.  I just doubled the recipe.  Since I was cooking for friends I decided to add the sweet Italian sausage for some extra flavor.  Just crumble, brown it in a pan and then add to the sauce once its been blended smooth. Shave some of the Parmigianino cheese on top.     
Spaghetti with sweet Italian sausage in a onion, butter and tomato sauce
                               Trader Joe's    Tomatoes            $7.98
                                                       Onion                 $0.89
                                                       Italian Sausage   $5.99
                               Wegman's       Spaghetti             $2.99
                                                       Butter                  $0.84
                                                             Total             $18.69
Wine total $20.00
I really like 14 Hands Cabernet and find most people do, plus it's reasonable.
I will post the recipe for the cheesecake tomorrow. 
 Dessert  Pumpkin Chocolate Cheesecake with Oreo cookie crust
                                    Trader Joe's  cookies  $2.99
                                                         canned pumpkin  $1.99
                                                         cream cheese       $3.98
                                                                eggs              $2.49
                                    Wegman's      Chocolate Chips  $ 2.99
                                                            Butter                 $0.84
                                                                     Total            $12.29
       Staples-  sugar, flour and cinnamon

Total cost $67.44. 
The food was delicious, looked impressive and was easy.  My favorite way to entertain. 
Noted, I just stated under $100.00 because I did not take into account tax, staples I had on hand, the gifted wine and the coffee and tea we had with dessert. 
This was good practice for me though because I usually have too much food, including appetizers and more than one dessert choice.
“People who love to eat are always the best people.”
Julia Child

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