Monday, November 17, 2014

Fireplace Cleaning

I never thought much about the fireplace in the family room except that it was a pretty stone fireplace but very dated.  Then I saw Annie's fireplace and I begin to see all the possibilities.  Since I am renting I'm not really sure how much I can actually do to the fireplace but surely who would care if I clean it up a bit.  I Google how to clean a stone fireplace and I saw something about mixing salt and dish washing detergent.  So I mixed sea salt, Dawn and a little water it created this sort of paste like substance and applied it to the stone.  I let it sit a couple minutes and began to scrub with Magic Erasers, I went through two erasers.  I need to get more Magic Erasers but it looks so much better already.  My next goal is to clean the brick inside and paint it black, really who would mind that? 

I love Annie's white fireplace but I know that it is a dramatic change and may take some convincing on my part. 


I also like this look, the stone is a bit darker, less orangey and looks really great against the white wall. 
I like this white-washed look too but it's kind of boring, especially with a white wall. 

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  1. nice! i need to clean the inside of my fireplace too... i ended up painting my fireplace white a few years ago but it took a few years of thinking!