Sunday, November 16, 2014

To Blog

I love blogging I don't know why I'm not a very good writer and I'm not very creative but there is something about blogging that is addictive. I read the quote above and I thought this is so true.  Then I was thinking about the blogs I really enjoy reading lately and how they are doing all of the above so well.  
  • The Simply Luxurious Life -  This is a great lifestyle blog with everything from style and décor to self-awareness and money advice.  The author also does a weekly podcast on a range of topics. 
  • Jess Lively is also doing really interesting stuff.  She is a woman on a mission to teach people how to live a well intentioned life.  She does with many different approaches including a blog and a podcast.  Her podcast consist of her interviewing people that are all doing inspiring things usually around the web.   

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