Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

I found this picture and I thought it was so fitting. Valentine's Day really just causes me some unnecessary stress. I am currently in a relationship, a new one which means this is our first Valentine's day together. So what does that mean for us? With 4 kids in tow and little money what am I expected to do for this occasion? Well, we are having tacos, the kids favorite, but hopefully we will top our meal off with chocolate fondue. Really what is Valentine's Day without some good chocolate? Hopefully, our night will end with some thoughtful reflection by all SIX of us on how grateful we are for each other and what our love, whether it be Mother and Son or partners means to us. Who am I kidding? I will reflect on how grateful I am for everyone in my life and my children will kiss me, tell me they love me and fight over the Wii the rest of the night.

However, I did manage to get this for that special someone: I love this little book but this means I now have to stress over what to write in it. Oh, if I could just channel the right amount of wit and sincerity it would really help right now.

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