Monday, February 1, 2010

French-Style Yogurt Cake with Orange

I have been wanting to make this French-Style Yogurt Cake sine I first read the recipe here at Orangette. The cake is very easy to make except as you can see from the bottom picture I did not cook it long enough and the center caved in a little. Also, I used oranges instead of lemons given the fact that it is winter and the oranges just seem a lot fresher.

After looking everywhere for yogurt in a jar, and even sending my sweetheart to a far away grocery store I was sure would have yogurt in a jar, I gave up and used the 1/2 cup as my measurement and the cake tasted great.

This cake is not that sweet but the orange glaze did give it that extra bit sweetness I enjoy.
I like this recipe and I look forward to making a lemon and almond version.
This cake and a nice cup of tea make the perfect evening!

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