Friday, November 2, 2012

Sometimes the Universe Gets it Right.

Deepak Chopra quote

I have the type of job where you go to work, mindlessly do your the same job as the 300 people sitting around you and independent thought isn't encouraged.  However, it is a good job.  I can support my children on my own. I am treated with respect and even occasionally appreciated.  My job isn't mentally or physically taxing which is nice since being a single parent of three boys can be both mentally and physically taxing.  I definitely don't dread coming to work.  I was once employed at a place where hitting a tree on my to work seemed more appealing then actually going to that place of employment. 

Do you ever have that feeling that the universe gives you exactly what you need at times?  Well, that is how I feel about my job.  I make decent money and have the ability to work overtime but more importantly I have made some incredible friends.  I have partaken in more female bonding in the past three years then I have done since high school.  My new friends have helped me get through situations I didn't even see coming.  We get so caught up and busy in our lives once we have partners and children that we forget how important it is to have time to talk to other woman.  At this job I have made friends with woman of all ages and I am incredibly grateful for their wisdom.  

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