Monday, October 22, 2012

Fall Plus Style- J Jill

Pure Jill textured boat-neck sweatermesa geo printed blouse

Women's Pantsauthentic fit boot-cut jeans

J Jill has one of the best plus size selection of clothes online and available through their catalog.  J Jill fits my style, easy, classic and comfortable.  I have been buying clothes from J Jill for quite along time now and they have always been sized pretty accurately.  The cut of their pants seems to fit my body perfectly.  I am tall and their pants, jeans and dress pants, are long enough for me.  Also, they have a nice selection of dresses and jackets.  J Jill can be expensive but the quality of the clothes is much better then some cheaper lines, plus they have great sales and clearance prices.  I wonder if I would look good in those colored jeans??  I love the mustard color but I am not sure they are the most flattering.

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