Monday, October 29, 2012

Happy Hour

This Friday after work I decided to go to out for Happy Hour.  Some of my dearest friends are always asking me if I want to go out for a drink and the saddest thing is I never really want to go.  I just don't enjoy standing around listening to music that is way to loud.  Damn, I am getting old.  Also, trying to get to the bar for a drink is like trying to navigate a corn maze on a Saturday afternoon in Marilla. 

I really do love spending time with my friends.  I love sitting down with a nice glass of wine, great food and most importantly excellent conversation.  I think having dinner and drinks together is so much more intimate. 

I went to Happy Hour because I know I need to put myself out there more.  I wanted to force myself to be more social.  I have a tendency to prefer spending time with the kids or sitting at home by myself reading blogs and magazines or watching movies. 

I think my goal of being more social definitely has merit, I just think the bar scene isn't my way of getting there. 

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